The Mental Illnesses
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Who are those
with a mental illness?

We are your brother
your sister
the man
across the street--
for one in every
five families
is dealing with
a mental illness.

To contact the Chairperson:
Alan Johnson
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The Mental Illness Network
A Network within the
United Church of Christ
in affiliation with
Disabilities Ministries, U.C.C.
Phone: 866-822-8224 ext. 3845

Within the United Church of Christ
Resources for Understanding and Support

See our blog:
"Widen the Welcome" - UCC Mental Health Network

Welcome Message

In 1992 the Mental Illness Network began with a grant from the then American Missionary Association of the United Church of Christ. We began as a response to the need for families and others to communicate among themselves about their experiences as families, and in congregations. We are, therefore, a network and not a committee.

You, who are the Network, are in hundreds of congregations. You are the ones in touch with families who need support and understanding. You are the ones doing street ministry with the homeless, writing newsletters for your church, running a drop-in center, doing displays for Association/Conference meetings, providing transportation to appointments and a dozen other things. You are the families caring for loved ones experiencing a mental illness, and some of you are those persons. It is a moving experience to be in touch with you and know something of what you are doing.

Every two years there is a Network display at our national General Synod meeting. This display reaches out to new people and is a witness to our National and Conference Staff about this important ministry. We collaborate with Disabilities Ministries on various projects such as (twice a year) an insert in the UC News. This insert greatly expands our readership. The Network is in touch with the Pension Boards as to Health Insurance coverage for eligible clergy and laity. There is more and we hope you will help "Paint a Different Picture of Mental Illness in Your Congregation"! Please sign on.

We cannot leave the matter of who we are without mentioning Pathways to Promise, the interfaith coalition which produces the wonderful resources you use. Your contributions to Pathways help to underwrite this work and we thank you. Their Web site is at

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